German writing

German writing and proofreading, revision and quality assurance

PR and corporate writing

Writing and editing press releases, newsletter articles, mailings, flyers, corporate brochures and Internet sites.

You would like to inform the media about a new product or communicate corporate news? The new catalogue or the annual report is waiting to be published? I make sure that your texts are tailored to your chosen channel of communication and catch the attention of both editors and clients or the public who visit your site as a first port of call.

Revision and proofreading – quality assurance.

You are well prepared: Your corporate brochures and flyers are in the first layout phase, the web site is ready, but somehow you still have that nagging feeling that something is not quite right? I go through your texts with a fine-tooth comb, making sure that your corporate wording, your target groups and the chosen medium have been perfectly incorporated. Already existing texts are edited linguistically (for spelling and style) and with regard to contents to streamline their readability, understandability and effectiveness in how they present your company and your products.

Editorial writing including researching topic ideas.

Is there still enough room for another interesting article in your corporate magazine? Is your newsletter missing the ultimate opener? Working together, we can develop up-to-date and informative subjects to attract the attention of your readers.

I work with smart native-speaker colleagues to ensure that this service is offered both in German and English.