Translations from Italian and English into German

PR and corporate communications from Italian and English into German

Your internationally operating parent company communicates in English. And might even think in Italian? Translating your texts into German also includes adapting the message with respect to regional linguistic and typical idiomatic usage. I do not simply turn an English text into a German text generously sprinkled with English terms. Instead ,I create a thoroughly persuasive and well-written German text tailored to a German audience.

PR and corporate communications from German into Italian and English

You need to have a German publication summarised and sent to headquarters in New York? You are beginning to collaborate with a company in Venice? The marketing manager in London is interested in an analysis of the German market? No problem. I provide the information in the required language and enable you to work and communicate internationally using your own documents.

Various types of media I translate:

  • Web sites/Web presences
  • Press releases/Articles
  • Catalogues/Flyer/Brochures
  • Mailings
  • CRM-related documents
  • Customer communications

My translation specialisms for Italian and English into German:

  • Coaching/Training
  • Psychology/Psychotherapy
  • Fashion/Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Guidebooks
  • Traveling/Tourism
  • Arts & Culture
  • Gastronomy

As a state-certified and publicly sworn translator for the Italian language, I am specialised in the field of law.

I also provide project management services in my specialisms for translations into Italian and English, which are provided by native-speaker colleagues.

For the German language, I write and edit various types of text, such as PR texts, press releases, website copy, manuals, correspondence and guide books.


  • Escort/Consecutive interpretation
  • Public service interpretation
  • Interviews (phone interviews as well)